Our home and office reflects our tastes and personality. You can easily find an inspiration for the interior design of your home, commercial or corporate space by visiting someone else place or in a magazine. But the real challenge is turning those beautiful and great ideas into a reality.

A Consultation process and what does it mean?

Book a Consultation – You can either give us a call to book a consultation with our top interior designers or ask for a consultation booking online.

Get an Understanding – The consultation would require us to meet in person that brings both of us in close proximity to us. In the meeting, we both get to know each other and make the decision if we follow the same sentiments and if suitable for each other to work on a specific project.

A Personalized Proposal – If we both come to have a good understanding of each other, we would move on to the next part. Now, on the basis of the requirement of your space, the right interior designs for your place will be provided while keeping in mind your personal preference and tastes to add a personalized touch.

Successful Project Completion – Once we both create a harmony of design ideas and approach, the project will go through the installation process that will also cover the selection of furniture among other decor elements to complete the project on time and within budget.

How will a Consultation Benefit you?

Save Money – You won’t be shooting in the dark. A proper plan regarding the colour schemes and finishes take place that makes getting it done for the first time a huge possibility which otherwise won’t be the case. Being an experienced professional, we can help you get the best value for your money.

Save Time – We provide you with the complete knowledge, that otherwise would take hours to conduct on your own, that will help you make the right decision for your space and at the right time.

Better Access – You might like something that you won’t find in the local store and this is where a designer comes with his/her access to find that furniture or fabric for your home, office or outlet.

Trade Associations – Being in this business for so long, we have connections with builders, contractor and craftsmen that we can help you with while saving your time and money on the same.

Turnkey Solutions

Today, your home, office and commercial interiors are all about identity that means making a statement.

When it comes to designing your home, it could be tedious and time-consuming by having to work with different professionals. Finding the right and credible people is only the start, by the time you reach the end; it could turn into a nightmare when it shouldn’t be.

Our Turnkey solutions provide you with the one-step solution for all. It starts with understanding your design needs, raw materials procurement, manpower management and quality control to delivering a successful project on time.

We ensure the timely delivery through systematic implementation, material management and of course following a detailed plan right from the beginning. Selecting our Turnkey solution means, your budget doesn’t get overboard as it is decided with the client beforehand.

Through a single point contact, our Turnkey solutions provide you with creative interior designing and affordability by completing an entire project end-to-end.