Being the top interior designer in Delhi, we at the Wiseman Interiors caters to every client of ours with special consideration and devotion. Our innovative and beautiful interior design services for your home, office and retail outlet involves customized furniture design, interior floor design, beddings, doors, ceiling designs, chairs, custom built-in cabinetry, curtains and draperies among a lot more.

Make sure you take out time to browse our special catalogue or contact our interior designer for a personal consultation.  

Now, allow us to walk you through our entire process:

Have a Meeting

Book an appointment with us or leave a request for an appointment online. We will send the best of our onsite experts to do an assessment of your site. Our expert will tell you what the Wiseman Interiors can offer you while taking a keen detail of your specific needs.

Creating the Idea

Once we have understood your needs, we will present you the designs that fit your taste. Only after confirming that we are on the same page regarding having the understanding of our design preferences, colours, style and the direction of the project, that we move forward. Furthermore, we will share a tentative cost of the concept and if you love our idea, we’ll move on with our partnership. We will give you the opportunity to review and approve every fine detail.

Working on the Design

Our team will conduct a detailed inspection of your site and a measurement of the property. We will provide you with a customized layout and design along with the cost of the options discussed. If you want a repeat, we will provide you one and once you have approved the designs, we will move to the next step i.e. the building phase.

Space Planning is another important element of the whole design stage. Through careful measurements, we ensure that final results will fit together in perfect combination. Together we will determine the best choice and the course of action.

Building Stage

This is the stage where you simply sit and relax. Our team will execute everything from the smallest detail to the biggest installations. Custom furniture is also a part of our expertise that we bring to the table with us. Regular updates on the status will be sent to you to always keep you in the loop. Our professional team of experts will do everything to make your space unique and look beautiful.

Meet Our Team

A close-knit team of interior designers, we work together to bring a client’s vision into the reality. Our dynamic and dedicated team of individuals are capable of creating and executing fresh and creative thoughts.

As we hand over the keys of your designed space, we are content and proud of knowing that our collaboration has laid the foundation for you to live and work in a personalized space where you will make your other dreams into reality for many years to come.